Intensive driving courses Derbyshire and Notthinghamshire

Having lived in a city since the age of 18, I had never needed a car which then left me at the age of 35 not knowing how to drive and quite frankly being a scared of it. I had had one very bad experience with an aggressive driving instructor and had pretty much been put off driving period. However, I got a job that I needed to be able to drive for and so the time came to do an intensive course. I travelled up from London and stayed in Nottingham for the week of the driving course. Jon was my instructor and from day one he had me totally at ease with the whole process. His teaching technique is absolutely perfect for what can inevitably be a stressful process at times. During the day, you stop every hour for a short break and some time to go through what you have just been learning and putting into practice. Jon’s ideas of only teaching something if you are not already doing it works perfectly for me as it means the time is very economically used. Jon’s relaxed nature helped me to bring a calm focus to the task at hand and after four days of lessons I felt immensely confident of passing the test first time, which thanks to Jon, I did. I can not recommend more highly, Jon as a driving instructor for an intensive course. He is astute, suberbly well qualified, adaptable to your way of learning and most importantly, a very pleasant guy to spend four days in a car with! I have certainly made a friend from this! I have and will continue to recommend this driving school and Jon to friends and acquaintances and I highly recommend you taking the plunge and learning to drive in this way. I have now been out driving on my own for three months, and I have from day one, felt enormously confident because of the training that Jon provided.