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Are you looking for Intensive Driving Courses in Newark-Nottinghamshire? Maybe it’s a new job, you need to work around College or University or you just simply can’t wait! if so, we’re the Driving School for you.

Just starting out? We have a range of courses to show you the ropes and get you up and running quickly. Maybe you’re a more experienced learner who’s had driving lessons before? Our Intensive Driving Courses in Sheffield range from a 1 day, 5 hour course to a 9 day 45 hour Intensive Driving Course. Whatever your requirements, we have it covered.

Newark is a great place to learn how to drive. It has a bit of everything! From Dual carriageways to rural roads and a busy Town centre. That’s why it’s important to have an experienced Driving Instructor who knows Newark like the back of their hand! They’ll be able to guide you through all the tricky areas and give you a thorough understanding of what’s required to drive confidently and safely.

Our Driving Instructors who provide Intensive Driving Courses in Newark

Our Driving Instructors in Newark have extensive knowledge of the city and its surrounds. We offer Intensive Driving Courses in both Manual and Automatic cars, with skilled male and female Driving Instructors.

Why us?

If you’ve been researching Intensive Driving Courses in Newark-Nottinghamshire, you may have stumbled across providers who are quite happy to take a deposit from you, without actually being able to confirm if they have a Driving Instructor available to deliver your Intensive Driving Course! This can result in you waiting weeks (and sometimes months) whilst they try and find someone which in turn, means you may be waiting an age to get confirmation of your course start date! 

We work closely with our team of Driving Instructors. We know them well, we know when they’re available and we trust them to deliver an excellent service. If we don’t have a Driving Instructor available for your desired start date, we’ll be honest and tell you!

Where do we provide Intensive Driving Courses in Newark?

The map below shows the approximate areas we provide Intensive Driving Courses in Newark-Nottinghamshire-

intensive driving course newark

What happens when I book?

Once we’ve established we have a Driving Instructor who can deliver your Intensive Driving Course when you want it, the following things will happen-

  • We’ll ask you for a deposit to secure your Intensive Driving Course. This will include the Practical driving test fee (unless you already have one booked). You can check the deposit payments for each Intensive Driving Course by clicking here.
  • We’ll then book you into our diary and notify your Driving Instructor. They will then contact you to introduce themselves and answer any questions you may have. They will also confirm details of how to pay the balance of your course.
  • We will then utilise our fast track Driving test booking system to book a driving test to coincide with the end of your Intensive Driving Course. On the rare occasions where we cannot find a driving test for the last day of your course, we will book it as close as we can to the end of your Intensive Driving Course. Your Driving Instructor will then retain a few hours from your course to take you for your Driving test.

An established company with years of experience

Our intensive driving courses in Newark and the surrounding areas have an impressive success rate. Our local driving instructors possess thorough knowledge of the area and have the necessary expertise to instill confidence and skills in our students. We use a structured learning program alongside the latest coaching and client-centered learning techniques to provide you with the best opportunity to pass your driving test with the required ability and confidence.

Driving Instructors you can trust

For your peace of mind, all of our Driving Instructors in Newark are fully approved by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and have all undergone a Criminal Records Check.

Great reviews...

Driving test centres covered for Intensive Driving Courses in Newark

Grantham (Somerby)

Spitalgate Airfield, Blue Harbour,
NG31 7TX

This test centre provides these types of tests: car, motorcycle module 2 (on-road), ADI part 3.

Nottingham (Colwick )

Private Road No 5, Colwick Industrial Estate,

This test centre provides these types of tests: car, motorcycle module 1 (off-road), motorcycle module 2 (on-road).

You can access this test centre if you use a wheelchair.