Intensive driving courses Derbyshire and Notthinghamshire

I just wanted to say what an absolutely wonderful team you have there.When I made the initial call I felt at ease immediately and was booked for my intensive course and test within a couple of hours.I had a short time to wait and while I was anxious,the moment I met Jon I relaxed.He put me at complete ease and encouraged me to discuss the things I was anxious about.My course was a six hour intensive day with the test in the afternoon.Jon went over my maneouvers with me until we both felt sure we had each one nailed to precision.Half an hour before the test after a short break we had a chat again over any last minute anxieties and for the first time I felt confident going in to do my test.I passed !!!! I really wholeheartedly recommend Drive Intensive for the professional care,the attention to my insecurities,the positive encouragement and support from the team.Thank you so very much for everything and to all learners out there CALL DRIVE INTENSIVE ,you wont be disappointed.