Intensive driving courses Derbyshire and Notthinghamshire

£1340.00 (Manual & Automatic), including one Practical Driving Test.

This Intensive Driving Course is aimed at someone with limited driving experience who can competently move off and stop, change gear, steer competently and has a little experience of reversing. This would ideally suit the learner that acquires practical skills at a reasonable pace.

Should you require a Theory test, please add £45.00 to the cost of your course. This Intensive Driving Course is typically taken over 1-3 weeks, with the practical test at the end of the last day where possible.

A Deposit of £262.00 is payable upon booking, followed by a balance of £1080.00 payable to your Driving Instructor 28 days before the start of your Driving Course.

If you require a Practical Driving Test, please add £82.00 to the deposit. This includes the cost of the Practical Driving Test and access to our Fast Track Driving Test Booking Service.

Included in the course is-